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Business Law

Durazzo, Eckel & Hawkins represents businesses of all sizes in a variety of fields. We have represented shareholders, partners and companies in disputes ranging from employee claims to defective products to shareholder fraud. We also perform a substantial amount of collections work on behalf of our business clients.

Durazzo, Eckel & Hawkins has experience negotiating, identifying and litigating business disputes. This includes substantial experience in matters of fraud, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, and accounting disputes. We attempt to find the best solution for each unique matter, be it settlement, mediation, arbitration or litigation. You can read more about the various tools we use to resolve business disputes in our blog posts.  We also offer arbitration and mediation services to other attorneys to resolve their clients’ disputes.  Please contact our office if you are interested in using one of our attorneys as a mediator or arbitrator.

Durazzo, Eckel & Hawkins can also assist you in selling or purchasing a business. We work with our clients to create concise, efficient and effective agreements to maximize the odds of a successful transfer of ownership. We also have extensive experience in helping clients to start new businesses. Successful businesses need a foundation of policies, procedures and agreements between the owners.  We represent businesses in Tucson and throughout Arizona.  For assistance with contracts, litigation or any business law needs please contact one of our attorneys at or 520-792-0448.