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Construction Law

Durazzo, Eckel & Hawkins is one of Tucson’s top construction law firms.  We represent subcontractors, suppliers, general contractors and owners on all types of construction matters in Tucson and throughout Arizona.  We  litigate lien claims, payment claims and construction defect claims.  Our practice also includes Registrar of Contractors (ROC) claims, hearings and inspections, and appeals of ROC decisions.

We have successfully negotiated fair contract terms with dozens of general contractors, subcontractors and owners.  Over the years we have developed techniques for crafting contracts which serve all parties and incorporate the latest Arizona law.  We can tailor our approach to your company’s needs in order to make hiring an attorney to review your contract a worthwhile endeavor.  Remember, when things go wrong it is always more expensive to fight over a bad contract than it would have been to write a good contract.

Our attorneys have written numerous articles and taught seminars on the most important legal issues affecting the Arizona construction industry, including:

1)         The Arizona Prompt Pay Act

2)         Pay-if-Paid Clauses

3)         Indemnity Disputes

4)         Construction Defect Claims

5)         Construction Accounting Disputes

6)         Payment Bonds

7)         Mechanics’ Liens

You can learn more about these issues by following our Construction Law Blog, or by contacting one our attorneys at: or 520-792-0448.