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Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Law

Our business and contractor clients have had numerous questions about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.  The primary concern for employers is how to handle employees who have a prescription for the use of marijuana, or claim to have a prescription.  Employers must be careful in addressing this issue, and unlike before the Act a positive drug test showing the presence of marijuana is not necessarily a basis for discipline. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act prohibits an employer from terminating an employee (a patient who has been prescribed medical marijuana) for use of medical marijuana...
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Arbitration and Mediation

Our practice focuses on business and construction law, so we are able to help you resolve legal disputes through mediation and arbitration.  The cost of litigation is substantial and alternative dispute resolution (arbitration or mediation) is often the best way to go.  Any of our attorneys can act as an arbitrator for your dispute or as a mediator to help you resolve your dispute.  We provide these services in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona. For further information about using one of our attorneys as an arbitrator or mediator please contact any of our attorneys...
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Changes at the Arizona Registrar of Contractors

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors has changed its policy of using the Arizona Attorney General to "prosecute" claims against licensed contractors.  The ROC now requires the Complainant (or their attorney) to present the case against the licensed contractor.  This is a switch back to the "old" ROC system. If an ROC complaint has been filed against you then you should hire an attorney with construction experience to assist with your defense.  If you are preparing to file an ROC claim or preparing to go to a hearing, our firm has experience and a successful track...
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